Tailored and custom-made

In addition to producing for many national and International brands, “Sergi” is pleased to create custom-made garments made with the utmost attention in the care of every detail and stitching and using the best materials on the market.
It successfully creates formal dresses and gowns that meet some special requirements of the customer. The quality of "Made in Italy" is highly respected and desired by the management and this ensures excellent results for any type of creation.


The company “Sergi” was created for the need to spread the elegance, beauty and style of the perfect "Made in Italy". It was established in 1981, in a village of Salento where the tailoring art has been transmitted from generation to generation and characterizes the handicraft history of the place. The company's work is based on certain key points such as the precision, the great dexterity, the attention to detail and an accurate choice of materials. It has grown steadily over the years and now counts about 60 employees who daily commit to the good performance of the company.


Via Cavallo, 71/73 Tiggiano LE 73030 Italy
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